About Kiah Liong Group

The Kiah Liong Group started its business with Keah Leong & Co. a company that was set up in 1940 and became Kiah Liong Sdn Bhd in 1991.

Initially it acted as a Distributor for F & N Coca Cola and Dumex as well as bottler of own brand liquor products. It  expanded its Distributorship to include Guiness Anchor Beer ( 1982 ),  Godfrey Phillips Morris ( 2001 ), both under the parent company, and Yeo Hiap Seng ( 2002 ) under a subsidiary ( Total Ability Sdn Bhd ).

In 2007, Kiah Liong Sdn Bhd. set up another two subsidiaries, one, Kiah Liong Wholesale Sdn Bhd, for its business as Wholesaler of a large variety of products, ranging from toiletries, detergents to assorted foodstuffs and the other, Kiah Liong Marketing Sdn Bhd, to distribute liquor products manufactured and bottled by the parent company itself.

In 2008, Kiah Liong Sdn Bhd relinquished totally its distributorship of F & N Coca Cola whereas it relinquished distributorship of Dumex products to its associate company, Talent Zone Sdn Bhd.

In 2010, there was another restructuring in which all the businesses of subsidiary Kiah Liong Wholesale Sdn Bhd were transferred to another subsidiary Total Ability Sdn Bhd.